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In order to build, run and debug OrchardPs it must be run in an Orchard source code tree. You can copy the source files of OrchardPs directly to a directory which contains the Orchard source code, however, it is more convenient to keep the OrchardPs source code and only map some folders to the Orchard source code directory using hardlinks. This enables you to easily use mercurial source control for the OrchardPs source code.

The steps below describe how to set up an OrchardPs source code enlistment using the method described above.

1. Create a folder on your local hard drive, for example C:\OrchardPs
mkdir C:\OrchardPs
2. Checkout the source code of the OrchardPs project to a subfolder, for example C:\OrchardPs\OrchardPs
hg clone C:\OrchardPs\OrchardPs
3. Checkout the source code of the Orchard project to another subfolder, for example C:\OrchardPs\Orchard
hg clone C:\OrchardPs\Orchard
4. Create hardlinks for OrchardPs in Orchard project source tree
C:\OrchardPs\OrchardPs\MapToOrchard.cmd C:\OrchardPs\Orchard
5. Open the solution C:\OrchardPs\Orchard\src\Orchard.sln in Visual Studio and rebuild everything (note that you must repeat this step each time you update source code in your Orchard source tree, usually after updating to a newer version of Orchard)

6. Start up Orchard.Web and configure an Orchard website instance.

7. Open the dashboard and enable the PowerShell module (under Management).

8. Copy the file C:\OrchardPs\OrchardPs\src\OrchardPs.sln to C:\OrchardPs\Orchard\src. This is the Visual Studio solution file which you will use to compile, debug and develop OrchardPs.
cp D:\OrchardPs\OrchardPs\src\OrchardPs.sln D:\OrchardPs\Orchard\src
9. Open the solution D:\OrchardPs\Orchard\src\OrchardPs.sln and build everything.

After that you are ready! To run OrchardPs in Visual Studio just open the OrchardPs.sln solution and press F5.

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